Hackaton — Have you heard? (Todos VS Fakes)

Fake News

Before the hackathon itself, we had some lectures about the topic. Journalists, teachers, sociologists and researchers were invited to present some information about fake news, and other similar topics, like big data. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be present in all the presentations, but we learnt a lot from those above.

The Concept

After some of the lectures, instructions and presentations of the ideas and the other candidates, we finally had our team, by around 1 am on Saturday. We decided to make a game that would expose the main subject: fake news.


The inspiration of the game was especially the cards game “Humans against Humanity”. We considered the idea of having blank spaces to be filled for the players with words or sentences that could have politically incorrect content.

The Set

The idea of the game in the Uber, was because we wanted to have the game to be set in a daily situation, talking to unknown people about different subjects.


The objective of the game is answers news provided by the uber driver. She starts by saying “Have you Heard?” and then come with some news, and suddenly a bus comes and horns so it’s impossible to listen to some part of the sentence. Then she asks the person that is in her car, i.e. Trump what he thought about she just said, like “Ethiopia ______ with Eritrea” and the players have to complete having in their minds that they’re the american President. All of this is going on the main screen and the players have to answer in their phones.


For each one of the characters we provide some information about who it is and some characteristics of the person in order to make the player thinking on someone else’s shoes.The user will be the character only for one round and then another one. A game has 5 rounds.

Our message

The main idea is to show how fake news become viral. And also that some people have an agenda and push it. That misunderstanding news often causes fake news and they can be deliberate. Sometimes only one different word can completely change a situation. It can become viral because of the feelings that are provided.


The design of the game was created on Figma. Unfortunately, we had some technical problems in the development of the back-end of the game. We manage to show the usability of the game prototyping on Figma.

Other team’s games

We faced other great teams, with brilliant ideas. Most of the groups decided to do games, but also had an amazing APP, that you could send a link to a news on the WhatsApp and see if it was fake news or not, or read news other people sent and write back to the system if it was fake or not. This group ended in third place.

Individual Conclusion

Simone (Me!)



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